Exasperated parents chased their sprinting children down city streets in the pursuit of toppling dominoes trailing through the city this evening.

Stretching from Anglia Square to The Forum, a 2.2km route of 7,500 aerated concrete dominoes was tonight’s launch event of the Norfolk and Norwich Festival 2022.

Crowds gathered at Anglia Square, St Andrews, Haymarket, outside Jarrold and The Forum with hundreds more lining the route.

The dominoes wound through streets and buildings such as The Halls – climbing upstairs, out of windows and through trees.

Nancy Horner, a spectator at The Halls, said: “It makes me really proud to be from such a wonderful city. And it’s so lovely that it’s a free event.”

Her daughter Eleanor, 5, is fascinated with dominoes and was buzzing with anticipation. 

When the blocks eventually fell the audience roared and cheered with excitement.

Conversations were cut short and friendly chaos ensued as many spectators began sprinting through the city centre, taking shortcuts to keep up with the topple.

Children ran ahead of parents, desperate to watch the grand finale at The Forum where many stood on bins and sat on shoulders for a good view.

Once all of the dominoes had fallen, a man was overheard saying: “This is a jolly good thing. Just wonderful.”

And almost as soon as it was over, volunteers leapt into action to begin the clean-up that would last into the evening.

Sam Davey, 26, was leaving work when he saw the line of dominoes. He said: “I didn’t know about it but I’m happy I stopped. It was really cool and impressive. And there are so many people about which is nice.”

The Norfolk and Norwich Festival artistic director, Daniel Brine, said: “There’s a real excitement for people being out like this and feeling this community. Last year was a bit touch and go because of Covid but this year we’ve gone all out.

“Today has run like a military operation, this is the most volunteers we’ve ever had on one project in our history. We’ve been setting up since 12.30pm and we won’t be done until about 8pm tonight.

“This is something that everyone has been able to enjoy and take part in which is exactly what we wanted.”

According to eveningnews24.co.uk. Source of photo: internet