Women still occupy a low percentage of the top leadership positions globally. To succeed, women must learn to navigate both the external factors that hinder their access to leadership roles and the internal factors that could cost them opportunities for advancement. This online course provides access to women who are looking for the right way to empower themselves and advance their organization.


The online Women’s Leadership Program from the Yale School of Management Executive Education equips learners with the knowledge and skills to develop their full professional potential as leaders in society. Through exploration of values-based leadership and emotional self-mastery, they will strengthen their emotional intelligence, understand their individual strengths, and learn to harness creative thinking to maximize the capacity for business challenges, innovation, and problem-solving.

This online leadership course aims to equip existing and aspiring women leaders with the confidence, self-awareness, networking, and leadership communication skills to effectively lead their teams and organizations. Business leaders and senior managers will benefit from gaining insight into the behaviors that have the potential to shape future business, as well as leadership skills to effect positive change within their organizations. It’s also beneficial to middle and junior managers looking to gain personal and professional leadership development in order to prepare to move into a senior or executive management role.

Guided by Program Co-conveners Emma Seppälä and Rodrigo Canales, learners will be able to leverage their core values, network and emotional intelligence to effectively lead teams and propel their organization forward. They will maximize their career potential through fresh perspectives and new ideas to help organizations grow. They will also improve their leadership communication skills and discover what it means to be a values-based leader.


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