In addition to the impressive economic figures, the city of Johannesburg also owns countless interesting tourist attractions such as Apartheid Museum, Constitution Hill, Gold Reef City complex, etc. These are the destinations that tourists often visit.

Gold Reef City is an extremely popular attraction. This complex is built on an old gold mine called Crown Mine. Gold Reef City will bring you unexpected emotions about the old gold mining scene deep underground. In addition, you can also see the gold casting process in live-in workshops and museums on the ground.

Apartheid Museum is the ideal place for those who want to learn the history of South Africa in general and Johannesburg in particular. The old movies, photos, and artifacts will open the heroic and tragic historical period of the revolution against the apartheid regime.

Maboneng is known as the neighborhood that “never sleeps” because it is always busy and bustling compared to other places. Throughout the street are a lot of bars, restaurants, and cafes with impressive architecture and colors.

Johannesburg also owns the largest man-made forest in the world. This city owns more than 10 million trees. This park city continues to plant another 200,000 species of trees. Thanks to these trees, Johannesburg is resistant to the greenhouse effect. Not only that but the noise of the city is also reduced, helping Johannesburg become quieter and more peaceful.

A famous dish that you must try when traveling to Johannesburg is barbecue. This is the original South African dish. This specialty is often served with pumpkin porridge, bread, or rice. A special feature is the delicious spicy sauce along with many typical South African Chakalaka spices.

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