The history of organized firefighting began in ancient Rome while under the rule of Augustus. Prior to that, Ctesibius, a Greek citizen of Alexandria, developed the first fire pump in the third century BC, which was later improved upon in a design by the Hero of Alexandria in the first century BC.

Katarina Fire Station was located in Stockholm, Sweden. The station moved into the western part of what was previously the Sifwertska barracks, which housed, among other things, a brewery, cholera hospital, and barracks for the city guard. Katarina became one of Stockholm’s two main stations along with Johannes fire station at Norrmalm, which opened in 1878.

Katarina Fire Station is the capital’s very first fire station. The operational area is primarily the island Södermalm and the Old Town, including the Royal Palace and the Parliament. The station has also the responsibility for fire rescue in Stockholm harbor.

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