A hybrid between cosmopolitan and traditional, it has a long history of cultivating cultural movements and diverse populations. From jazz fanatics to tea connoisseurs, today’s Taipei is filled with colorful, artistic people who won’t hesitate to befriend you.

Taiwan is one of the most modern cities in Asia. The Taipei 101 Tower is a very famous tourist destination in Taiwan and the pride of the people here. Once the tallest tower in the world, this is a tourist destination that everyone wants to visit once in their life. The nearby New Taipei City Hall is a favorite among young people. It is home to many shopping stores and entertainment and dining venues.

The bustling nightlife is a hallmark of Taipei. Night markets always give visitors unique nightlife cultural experiences. Each night market has its own unmistakable specialty. The famous night markets here include Hua Yuan Night Market, Huaxi Night Market, Shilin Market, etc.

In addition to the bustling looks, Taipei still retains its own nostalgia. The National Palace Museum will be a destination for those interested in history in general and Chinese history in particular. Jiufen and Shifen are two famous ancient villages with a blend of ancient Chinese and Japanese features. On both sides of the nostalgic streets are stalls with a wide variety of products.

In the middle of the old village, there is a natural waterfall with poetic beauty and enchanting charm, that is Shifen waterfall, dubbed the Asian version of Niagara. In addition, in terms of nature, Taipei also has Yehliu Geopark with rock formations dating back millions of years, or Xinbeitou hot spring with year-round smoky hot mineral water.

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