Suomenlinna Sauna or Suomenlinna Naval Academy sauna is a sauna belonging to the Suomenlinna Naval Academy, in Helsinki, Finland.

This is the oldest and also the largest of the Academy. Also in this category is the world’s largest wood-fired sauna. The sauna can accommodate up to 180 sauna people at the same time. The sauna was built in 1904 on Pikku Mustasaari in Suomenlinna.

The sauna has an area of 65 square meters and is 5 meters high. There are platforms on several floors and the wood-fired stove is also several meters high. The furnace is very large and can hold several tons of stone in it. It took four hours and half a cubic meter of birch wood to heat up the stove.

The sauna is not for public use and it can only be “rented” by certain parties and events. So the sauna is still owned and used by the academy.

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