Situated just outside the small village of Semonkong, Lesotho, the Maletsunyane Falls hosts to the world’s longest commercially operated single-drop abseil. Semonkong Lodge is the place to operate the abseil and handle all bookings, training, and preparation for the abseil.

Abseiling, also known as rappelling, is the controlled descent of a steep slope, such as a rock face, by moving down a rope. When abseiling, the person descending controls their movement down the rope, in contrast to lowering off, in which the rope attached to the person descending is paid out by the belayer.

The abseil suspends tourists alongside the mighty Maletsunyane Falls providing tourists with a 360° view of the magnificent gorge it occupies. With a team of highly skilled/trained guides, this is the perfect activity for the thrill-seeking adventurer. The tranquil isolation the abseil provides is unlike any other, lock off their rack. The tourists can take a moment to experience the rich flora and fauna the gorge has to offer, watch as the birds swoop in and out of the gorge, and maybe if they’re lucky, they’ll spot the rare endangered bearded vulture.

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