Lake Windermere (or Windermere Lake) is a very large widening in the Columbia River. The village of Windermere is located on the east side of the lake, and the larger town of Invermere is located on the lake’s northwestern corner. The average depth of the lake is only 15 feet (4.6 m).

Lake Windermere is a popular vacationing spot, especially for residents of Calgary, which is a three-hour car drive to the east. The western side of the lake which fronts the Purcell Mountains has a railroad running along its shore, and as a result, housing and recreational development are minimal there. The eastern side of the lake has a more extensive flatland between the lake and the Rocky Mountains and has experienced considerable development including cottages, camping grounds, recreational beaches, golf courses, and various tourist attractions.

The longest ice skating trail can be found on the Lake Windermere Whiteway. The naturally frozen trail measures 29.98 kilometers (18.63 mi). This multi-use trail offers ice-skating as well as groomed skate and classic cross-country ski trails. The Whiteway provides winter sports enthusiasts an incredible facility, adding to the already abundant list of winter activities available in the stunning Columbia Valley.

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