Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba is a pizza restaurant in Naples, Italy. The restaurant was established in 1738 as a stand for street vendors who sold pizza from wood-fired ovens. In 1830, the restaurant was moved to its current location in the historic center of Naples. The pizzeria is named after the Port’Alba area in Naples where it is situated.

Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba holds a significant place in the history of pizza, as it is believed to be one of the first places to serve pizza in the traditional style that we know today. The pizzeria’s fame is partly due to its association with the birth of the Margherita pizza. According to popular legend, in 1889, the pizzaiolo (pizza maker) Raffaele Esposito created a pizza for Queen Margherita of Savoy, topped with tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil to represent the colors of the Italian flag. This pizza was named “Margherita” in her honor.

The pizzeria has maintained its traditional methods and recipes over the years, making it a popular destination for those seeking an authentic Neapolitan pizza experience. The association with the history of pizza and the charming, historic atmosphere of the pizzeria contributes to its appeal for both locals and tourists alike. If you ever find yourself in Naples, Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba is a place worth considering for a taste of pizza history.

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