The Church of St. Martin in Landshut is a medieval church in the German city located in the state of Bavaria. St. Martin’s Church, along with Trausnitz Castle and the celebration of the Landshuter Hochzeit (wedding), are the most important landmarks and historical events of Landshut.

his Brick Gothic landmark is the tallest church in Bavaria, and the tallest brick building as well as the church in the world. It is also the 2nd tallest brick structure in the world (after Anaconda Smelter Stack), made without steel supports. St. Martin’s church has a height of 130.6 meters.

Construction of the church began around 1389, under the architect Hans von Burghausen. The exact date for the beginning of the construction of the church is not well known, but its construction was first noted in the city chronicle in 1392. The building was completed in 1500. During this period, five architects managed the building site. It took 55 years just to build the tower.

The church is built in Gothic style, demonstrated by the pointed shape of its windows and arches.

With a height of 130.6 m, the church tower is considered to be the tallest brick building in the world, surpassing the Church of Our Lady, Bruges, in Belgium by 8.6 meters. In the year 2001, St. Martin’s Church received the title of basilica minor from the Pope.

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