Ferry Lina is the world’s shortest regular ferry. It crosses the Göta Canal, in Sweden, taking about 25–30 seconds to do so. The ferry is powered by pulling a rope that must be lowered when a boat is passing.

The ferry was opened in 1919 by the retired driver Oskar Lindhult because of a new district in Töreboda on the other side of the canal. Before the ferry line opened the residents needed to use their own boat. In the beginning, the ferry that was used was a wooden boat. The current ferry, also made of wood, was built in 1966. It can carry up to 10 passengers and two bicycles. The ferry is open from May to September.

In addition to being the world’s shortest regular ferry, Ferry Lina is also unique because it is hand-powered. The ferry operator stands on a platform in the middle of the canal and pulls the ferry across using a rope. Passengers can even help to pull the ferry across if they want.

Ferry Lina is a popular tourist attraction, and it is also a vital part of the local community. It is a reminder of a simpler time, and it is a unique way to experience the Göta Canal.

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