Fliegerschule Wasserkuppe is the world’s oldest civil flight school still active. It was founded in 1924 by Otto Mertens on the Wasserkuppe, a mountain in the Rhön mountains of Germany. The school originally offered courses in glider flying, but it soon expanded to include powered flight.

Fliegerschule Wasserkuppe has a long and distinguished history. It has trained many famous pilots, including Hanna Reitsch, the first woman to fly a jet aircraft. The school has also been involved in a number of important aviation milestones. For example, it was the first school to offer training in night flying, and it was also the first school to offer training in instrument flying.

Today, Fliegerschule Wasserkuppe continues to be a leading flight school. It offers a variety of courses, including glider flying, powered flight, and flight instructor training. The school also has a museum of aviation history, and it offers a variety of tours and events throughout the year.

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