FSUE Atomflot is a Russian company and service base that maintains the world’s largest fleet of nuclear-powered icebreakers. As of September 2020, the company operates a fleet of five nuclear-powered icebreakers, including the world’s largest, the Arktika, which joined the fleet on her maiden voyage.


Atomflot is part of the Rosatom group and is based in the city of Murmansk. The company employs between 1,000 and 2,000 people. The company has a ship to transport radioactive waste, and another to monitor radiation. It also maintains a museum ship, the Lenin.

There are a total of about 1,000 people working on atomic icebreakers, nuclear light carriers, and ATOs (atomic technology services), all under the umbrella of Atomflot. The command staff undergoes special training at the Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy in St. Petersburg. In addition to orchestrating cargo transportation along the Northern Sea Route, Atomflot organizes tourist cruises, the profit from which amounts to 6-7% of the company’s total profit.

According to Wikipedia