The Grimsby Ice Factory is the earliest and largest surviving ice factory in the world. It was built in 1898-1901 and is located in Grimsby, England. The factory is a Grade II* listed building and is one of the most significant pieces of industrial heritage in the north of England.

The factory was built to meet the growing demand for ice to supply merchants and fishing boats. It was the largest ice factory in the world when it was built and produced 1,200 tonnes of ice daily at its peak. The factory closed in 1990 due to the decline of the fishing industry. The buildings still contain some of the original historic machinery from times of the operations’ origins.

The Grimsby Ice Factory is a unique survivor of the Victorian industrial era. It is the only remaining building of its type in the UK and houses Britain’s last surviving samples of early 20th century refrigeration equipment. The factory is also a large and imposing building with a distinctive red brick exterior. It is 4,350 square metres in size and has a number of different features.

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