Holland Herald is the inflight magazine of the Dutch airline KLM. Holland Herald was first published on 21 January 1966. In the first year, the magazine was published bimonthly and black and white. Next year its frequency was switched to monthly. The magazine is published in English.

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An inflight magazine (or in-flight magazine) is a free magazine distributed via the seats of an airplane, by an airline company, or in an airport lounge.

The Netherland branch of the Hearst company, Hearst Netherlands, is the publisher of the magazine.

CNN named Holland Herald as the tenth-best inflight magazine worldwide in 2012. The content of the magazine includes articles concerning contemporary Dutch culture, commerce, and politics. The first 3D advertisement was published in the magazine which featured a beer brand, Heineken.

Holland Herald was redesigned in April 2022. The Content Marketing Grand Prix awarded the magazine in the categories of magazine and content design in October 2022.

Holland Herald is a great resource if you’re planning a trip to the Netherlands or want to learn more about Dutch culture. The magazine is available online and in print, and you can also subscribe to receive the latest issues directly to your inbox.

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