John Taylor Bell Foundry (Loughborough) Limited, trading as John Taylor & Co and commonly known as Taylor’s Bell Foundry, Taylor’s of Loughborough, or simply Taylor’s, is the world’s largest working bell foundry. It is located in Loughborough, in the Charnwood borough of Leicestershire, England. The business originated in the 14th century, and the Taylor family took over in 1784.

The company manufactures bells for use in clock towers, rings of bells for change ringing, chimes, and carillons. In 2005, Taylor’s merged with Eayre & Smith Limited (bellhangers) and from 2005 until 2009 was known as Taylors Eayre & Smith Limited.

The foundry occupies half of a 10,000-square-metre (107,600 square foot) site, the rest of which is devoted to the Taylor Museum of bell casting and tuning. The museum of bells and bell founding is the only one of its kind in the UK. It is one of the few Victorian purpose-built manufacturing sites still being used for its original purpose. Its campanile contains the most-pealed bells in the world.

Many churches around the world have used bells cast at Taylor’s bell foundry. The foundry is also responsible for Great Paul, the bell in St Paul’s Cathedral, London, UK, which is also the largest bell in the UK, weighing 17,002 kg.

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