Karskaya railway station is at the end of the extension of the Obskaya–Bovanenkovo Line, in Russia. The line is a 572-kilometre long railway line in northern Russia, built and owned and operated by Gazprom. It was opened for traffic in 2010 and was built for the gas fields around Bovanenkovo on the Yamal Peninsula, the Yamal project. In February 2011, it was extended to the Karskaya station, making it 572 km long. Like most railways in the former Russian Empire, it is built to Russian gauge.

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The station is used primarily for freight traffic, but there is also a passenger train that runs between Karskaya and Bovanenkovo. The station is located in a remote area of the Yamal Peninsula, and it is only accessible by train or helicopter. The station consists of a single platform and a small station building.

The construction of Karskaya railway station was a major engineering feat, and it is a testament to the Russian government’s commitment to developing the Arctic region. The station is expected to play a vital role in the development of the Yamal Peninsula, and it will help to ensure that Russia remains a major supplier of natural gas to the world.

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