Situated in the old gothic town along Calle Caballeros about 5 minute’s walk from the Mercado Central, L’Iber Museo de los Solditos de Plomo (L’Iber Tin Soldier Museum) is dedicated to toy soldiers and other similar toys.

The museum houses the largest collection of tin soldier figurines in the world. It is also home to some of the rarest and oldest figures that belonged to Napoleon.

The building itself, and the rooms, are nearly as stunning as the collection, as it is housed in a well-preserved Mediterranean Gothic-style palace. Inside, there are more than 95,000 pieces on display, some in highly-detailed dioramas. There also is a scale model of the battle in the museum, which contains 5,000 figures from their total stock of over a million.

Since the museum’s inauguration, there have been many special exhibitions, such as the ones about the Zulu Wars, Napoleon, the First World War, North America, and the Silk Route.

Apart from soldiers, there are sections dealing with fashion, sports, comics, and trades. They were very emphatic that the museum does not attempt to glorify war, but to contextualize history.

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