Sapanta Peri Monastery is one of the most representative churches for Maramures. Located next to Sapanta Village, within a dendrology park, the wooden church was built in 1391. In 1391 Dragos Voda’s nephews donated lands and properties to Peri Monastery, so they built a stone church. For 312 years, the Romanian Diocese of Maramures used the stone church as its headquarters. Back then, the Monastery had the Archangel Michael (Sfantul Arhanghel Mihail) as the patron saint.

Around 1783, the monastery was already in decay. The new Sapanta Peri Monastery was founded in 1997 in Sapanta village in order to revive the historical tradition of the ancient monastery of St. Archangel Michael in Peri, Maramures, found today on Ukrainian territory.

The church built in Maramures style was initially gilded with 8.5 kg of gold and the cross, seven meters high, was coated with four kilos of gold. The construction is located on the banks of the Tysa. You can see the monastery’s steeple from a five kilometers distance over Tysa and can also be admired by Romanians in Transcarpathia, the region of the historical Maramures that now belongs to Ukraine. It is built of oak, on a stone foundation. The tower is 78 meters tall and the building is considered the tallest wooden church in the world.


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