The Shchusev Museum of Architecture is a national museum of Russian Architecture located in Moscow the capital of Russia and also a research center to study and promote the architectural and urban heritage. The museum is located on Vozdvizhenka Street. The collections include more than 800000 items. The museum is named after Russian and Soviet architect Alexey Shchusev.

The original museum of the Academy of Architecture, established in 1934 was located in the secularized Donskoy Monastery. The sprawling fortified monastery housed hundreds of fragments of art salvaged from the demolished buildings. The museum was dedicated, at least officially, to the worldwide architecture of all periods and styles, although most tangible exhibits were Russian. In the summer of 1945, Alexey Shchusev began campaigning for the establishment of a museum of Russian national architecture. The new museum was established in 1946, with Shchusev as its first director.

Its collections reflect thousand years of Russian architecture. The Schusev Museum in Moscow is located in the very center of the town, within a 5 minutes walk to the Red Square. The neighboring building is the famous Lenin Library, the Manege is located across the road, and the heart of Russia, the Kremlin is right behind it.

The direction of the Museum’s work today includes an arrangement of architectural contests and conferences, assisting with the restoration of architectural monuments, presenting outstanding Russian architects as well as cooperation with foreign organizations in order to host quality international Architecture Exhibitions.

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