The Arabat Spit or Arabat Arrow is a barrier spit that separates the large, shallow and very salty Syvash lagoons from the Sea of Azov. The spit runs between the Henichesk Strait in the north and the north-eastern shores of Crimea in the south. It is the largest of several Spits of the Azov Sea.

The Arabat Spit is the longest spit in the world, measuring approximately 110 kilometers long. The spit is very narrow, ranging from 270 meters to 8 kilometers in width. It has a total surface area of 395 square kilometers.

The Arabat Spit was formed by sedimentation processes around 1100–1200 AD. It is a very young landform and is still actively growing. The spit is home to a variety of wildlife, including birds, fish, and reptiles. It is also a popular tourist destination, with beaches, resorts, and fishing villages.

Arabat Spit is a popular place for summer vacation because of the warm water of the Sea of Azov. There are a variety of hotels and guesthouses on the first line of the sea. Arabat Spit is popular among kitesurfers and windsurfers.

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