Parliament House (Scottish Gaelic: Taigh na Pàrlamaid) in the Old Town of Edinburgh, Scotland, is a complex of several buildings housing the Supreme Courts of Scotland. The oldest part of the complex was home to the Parliament of Scotland from 1639 to 1707. It is the world’s first purpose-built parliament building because it was the first parliament building that was specifically designed and built to be used as a parliament. Parliament House was built specifically to meet the needs of the Scottish Parliament, and it included features such as a large debating chamber, committee rooms, and offices.

Parliament House was used by the Scottish Parliament until 1707, when the Act of Union united Scotland and England into the Kingdom of Great Britain. After the Union, Parliament House was used by the supreme civil court of Scotland.

Today, Parliament House is still used, but it is also open to the public for tours. The building is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is considered to be one of the finest examples of Scottish Renaissance architecture.


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