Nordisk Film A/S (lit. “Nordic Film”) is a Danish entertainment company established in 1906 in Copenhagen by filmmaker Ole Olsen.  

Olsen started his company in the Copenhagen suburb of Valby under the name “Ole Olsen’s Film Factory” but soon changed it to the Nordisk Film company in 1906. After many affiliates and merges, Nordisk Film is the oldest movie production company in operation in the world. Egmont Nordisk Film is the largest producer and distributor of electronic entertainment in the Nordic region.

The company produces and co-produces national and international feature films in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, which are distributed to cinemas around Nordic countries, including Nordisk Film Cinemas in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. The films are also distributed internationally for viewing in cinemas, on video, and on television.

Furthermore, Nordisk Film produces games through a number of game studios invested in by Nordisk Film Games, distributes PlayStation in the Nordic and Baltic countries, and develops global digital gifting solutions through GoGift.

Through the Nordisk Film Foundation, Nordisk Film develops new talent. With an annual budget of approx. DKK 5 million, the Nordisk Film Foundation has also contributed to the development of the Danish film industry over the last 20 years by offering scholarships, project grants, and awards. In 2017, the Nordisk Film Foundation launched the one-day tech conference PictureThis_.

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